Jim Gaffigan to perform at All Saints!

I just found out that comedian Jim Gaffigan will perform at a fundraiser for All Saints.  I’m incredibly excited; Gaffigan is one of my comedy idols.  Here’s a clip of Jim talking about traditions.

Lent happenings for us!

Watch this youtube video “Ash Wednesday and Lent in 2 Minutes.”

Then join the lenten conversation happening around All Saints!

Forty Days of Vegan

Follow the group blog and join in community vegan-friendly dinners


Soup Sundays

An simple meal we all eat from one pot, a practice in community and austerity.

Small Group

Reading daily meditations compiled from the writings of St Francis Assisi


Cook Breakfast for PATH Families

Hello, hello! Instead of doing our typical brunch this season (we are now doing Sunday brunches every few months), we are going to cook breakfast for homeless families.  Who’s with me???  I’m so glad…I’m a terrible cook 🙂 We are doing breakfast on February 26th, so y…ou can still watch the Oscar Awards that night and still go to church in the late morning.   Jonathan Roberts and Nate Hicks are getting the food/menu together and all we have to do is show up with smiling face, help set up, feed some lovely people we otherwise would probably not meet, and share a bit of love and lots of compassion. The meal will cost approximately $200, so we not only need volunteers, we need to contribute $10 from each person.  If you want to contribute but can’t volunteer, that is totally cool. If you can’t contribute and would love to volunteer, we are happy to have you. Who’s game?  Please RSVP.  More details to come!

Let’s Go Vegan!

‎40 DAYS OF VEGAN (for LENT) I’m going for it. Who’s in? Joshua Paget hooked me up with Vegan books so I don’t get emaciated & pass out. Let’s do this… We can blog about the journey, support one another, meet up at vegan restaurants, & reflect on its effect upon our lives spiritually. Wait…Booze is vegan, right?

Buy the book online

-Christian Anderson

Homeboy Industries @ Community House

Hollywood Pres has a intentional living community called DOOR.  Residents commit to a year of service and training, partnering with charity and social justice communities in the Hollywood area such as PATH and My Friends Place.

They are having a special event with Homeboy Industries.  This is a great opportunity for us All Saints kids to get exposed to HomeBoy Industries and to make connections with other young people working and living the Christian faith in Hollywood.
The D.O.O.R. Hollywood dwellers would like to invite you to the first of many special events featuring guests that have a desire to support La Casa de la Comunidad. Our hope at La Casa de la Communidad is to unite our neighborhood and surrounding area in a way that buil…ds a community of partners with a mutual desire to bridge the needs and resources of our community. If we can gather together, share our stories, and learn from each other, we will create a community of awareness that allows us to know our neighbors, meet the needs of the community, and share available resources. Homeboy Industries assists at-risk and formerly gang involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society.   Father Gregory Boyle recently outlined many of the stories of the ministry in his book, “Tattoos From the Heart.” COME HEAR STORIES, ASK QUESTIONS, AND BE CHANGED Light refreshments supporting Homeboy Bakery will be provided.

Later in the year, we’ll be forming a small group to read Tattoos on the Heart and going on a field trip to Homeboy Cafe.  So come get this unique sneak peak into the heart of many different organizations working together in LA.