What’s Happening? What’s Going on?

Welcome back!  Whether you were off having fun this summer or working a harder season, we’re glad you’re back.

The whole church seems to come back to life in the fall as we all fall back into a more predictable routine.

Not the least of which is more activities at church to get involved with, grow in, and help out.

You’ve probably seen a lot of announcements about the various activities, here’s our breakdown:

DOCC – It’s a twelve week series.  It sounds daunting, but I did it last year and it flew by.  You get dinner each week which right there is worth the $10.  You also get to hear Barry or Steve teach for approx 30 min. It is a different speaking style for them that I really enjoyed. The main feature of DOCC is you are with the same group for the whole 12 weeks.  Your discussion of the lessons and your lives are really opened up by this guarantee of time.  This year Jon Roberts and Nate Hicks are each leading a table group for 20s30s.  Check in with one of them or with Josh to find out more about the program.

Synoptic Gospels – Similar to the above–a great time to delve deeper into subjects of our faith–but only 3 weeks.

ImagineLA – Our church partners with this charity which focuses on pairing struggling families with faith groups that can mentor members of the family.  A family coming off the streets and into a new home needs lots of help with basics.  Finding/buying furniture, setting up a tv/computer, finding transportation around the neighborhood.  They also look for ongoing help with the family, tutors for the kids and mentors for the parents.  This is a great opportunity to serve more intently than passing out food on the line at homeless lunch. Talk to Debbie Gauer about home you might be able to help.

Jesus & Justice – One of the things I love about our church is that it is very academic.  We frequently host discussions and panels on various issues of the day. We just finished a great series of discussion about homosexuality and faith.  Coming up we have another discussion about the death penalty.  These nights are a great opportunity to connect with (and maybe spar with) your fellow church goers.  These discussions are what keep our church open minded.

Monday Meal– Each week we serve 150-200 less fortunate members of our community a warm meal.  Read more about this activity here.

Vestry Nominations – Nominate someone to serve on the vestry. Forms are available in the back of the church and in the parish office/bookstore. Ask Josh for more info.

Of course there are still all the regular 20s30s activities to go to as well.

Hikes, Dinnners, Happy Hours, Santa Monica Stair Climb, Book group movie night etc.  Read about it all here.

You don’t have to do it all, only what you want to.

See you around!


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