February Gallery: CAFAM

The Craft and Folk Art Museum is the oldest Museum on “Museum Row” in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles.  (Later joined by LACMA, Page, A+D, and Peterson Automotive museums.)

It’s right across from the Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits.

We’re going to go on a Saturday.  The museum is small but on a Saturday afternoon we’ll take a walk and get some grub at the food truck alley along “The Mile” and eat in the park.

We’ll also see the urban light display and the longest section of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin!

Some Initial Activities

We are beginning with a slew of activities, thought by members of the group, based on activities we are already doing in our lives.

We are opening ourselves up to our communities and the communities around us.

Planned recurring activities:

Vegan Dining with Christian: Try new vegan restaurant every thursday. But Christian challenges you to go full-on vegan for lent.

Small Talk, Big Ideas – meet with your parish priests to discuss books, movies, music, galleries, whatever! It’s casual.

A Night at the Movies – stop not having seen all those movies that get awards: make a resolution to see more movies.

Stairs Challenge – come out to the stairs on saturdays and train for the Los Angeles Stair Climb

Small Group – discuss a recent read with small group at someone’s home.

Gallery of the Month – visit our city’s ever-interesting range of galleries.

Inter-Faith Field Trips – We’ll visit other church’s services.

Click on the ACTIVITIES tab to see more and the CALENDAR tab to find out when these fantastic things are happening!