Summer BBQ and Eat Like a Saint!





More activities for 20s30s and opportunities to get involved with more than just themselves at church and the greater community


EAT LIKE A SAINT – July 10th, 17th, & 24th  @ 7PM

Join us for an evening of Food and learning about Food.

The dinner series will feature special guests, documentaries, and discussion.  As well as delicious food.

Registration is Required.




SUMMER BACKYARD BBQ  – July 13 2-6pm

On July 13 join us for a backyard BBQ!  There will be food and drinks and friends and fun.  All the summer time hits!

Other general announcements/upcoming activities:

GIVE BLOOD  Sunday July 14 8am-2pm

No, we’re not amping up our stewardship campaign.  The Red Cross will be on the church campus and they will be set up to receive your blood donation.  It is definitely a good cause. So stop in to Lower Sweetland Hall before or after a service and give some blood.  (You can still get a donut/coffee.)


Joins us to watch a ted talk and then discuss the issue from our own perspectives.

ICE CREAM 2 ICE CREAM  Sunday July 21  4pm


Ride your bike from one ice cream hot spot to the next.


Food Revolution, Small Groups, Happy Hour, Poetry Tour

As summer approaches we have a few exciting new events and happenings to talk about!


food rev

May 18th at All Saints the St Francis Ministry is hosting a composting and planting pot luck.   It’s part of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.

Come to All Saints on May 18th and Bring a dish to eat, a recipe to share, something to plant.

If you’re like me, you’ll be just starting out with all this planting stuff and probably sticking to the Chia Pet brand window sill herb garden.

chia herb garden

But Uma assures me even more experienced gardeners can get help with bigger projects.   Maybe leave the junker at home though, okay Charlie?




If you are interested in connecting with folks in a small group.  We encourage you to form small groups.  But the best ones happen organically.  You do not want to be told who to meet and when.  So come out to the planting events, the hikes, happy hours, bike rides, etc.  And those friends who you can connect with and who want to read the same books you do!

small group



It’s summer and that means more after work daylight hours.  So why not head out with your church friends and enjoy LA’s booming gastro pub scene?

We’re meeting Friday the 10th at Rascal. Happy Hour is 5-7 but you can come later if you are a big spender!



Seattle based poet Matthew Brouwer will be making a tour of LA and on of the stops will be at All Saints.  Come check out this profound young artist.  Experience some of his dynamic performances poetry and then we’ll have a discussion about faith and creative arts.

We’re also in the midst of planning some large group events.  Feel free to suggest ideas.  If you don’t, then we’ll just be doing what I want to do and that means Fourth of July Bike Ride to the Beach!