Brunch This Sunday!

To me (Josh), this brunch has always been the most genius thing for the group. It’s immediately after church, there’s no separating and reparking; we simply move together from the patio to inside.
And it’s always casual. Eat and run, linger and socialize. It is a good time to touch base or forge new bonds. Hope to see you there!
THIS Sunday, April 29th.

20s30s Charrette

We are planning a 20s30s Charrette!

What is a charrette?  A Charrette is a type of meeting often used in town planning.  All parties are invited to the table to bring their visions and demands.

When planning a town, this would include architects, housing developers, traffic engineers, environmental impact reviewers, citizen action groups, utilities reps, and city officials, etc.

For this group it involves you!  As well as other past, present and future leaders within the group and church.

Talk to Josh Paget for more info or post a reply below!

Thank you


My Friends Place Next Week

A week from today is the next Pizza Party at My Friends Place.

Come out of your shell and help put on a birthday party for the teens and young adults who regular the hollywood drop in center.

It’s a great way to get exposed to the needs of our city and to develop relationships with fellow church goers at All Saints.

Hope to see you there!

Friday April 27th  12:30-2:30

New Service Opportunity for West LAers

All Saints is Partnering with the Neighborhood Youth Association in Venice!

If you’ve wanted to volunteer at My Friends Place, but the drive is too long for you West LAers, new opportunities to serve with your faith group are in your area!

NYA offers a wide variety of tutoring and after school activities.  They also offer tutor training, so that your volunteer time will be beneficial to them and gratifying for you!

We’re planning a “field trip” to their facility to see what opportunities they have for us to help.

They are also planning a “field trip” to All Saints to give a presentation of their overall network of services.

I hope you can get involved!

Contact Josh Paget for more information!


Burgers, Beer, Bible

A new more casual small group is forming!  We’ll have an evening burgers, beer and bible.  Just some casual conversation (It’s hard to take yourself too seriously if your hands are covered in secret sauce) about life and faith.

LA is in the middle of a burger renaissance. We have our list of favorites.  Tell us your favorite burger place in LA!

Check back for results and announcement of when/where we’ll be meeting!