Rev: ontological despair and Louis MacNeice

That's How The Light Gets In

A sitcom that dares to explore moral issues, use words like ‘ontological’ and have its lead character recite lines from a Louis MacNeice poem?  This has been the excellent six-part series, Rev. which recently finished on BBC2.   The Rev Adam Smallbone is played by Tom Hollander, who devised the series with writer James Wood.  He is a Church of England vicar, newly arrived from a sleepy rural parish to the inner-city world of St Saviour’s in east London.

Every day throws up a moral conflict, explored sensitively and without cheap laughs in the excellent script. Everyone is welcome at St Saviour’s and Adam can’t turn anyone away, even if they are clearly lying, mad or just plain annoying. From parents, including the local MP, who hope that by attending church just once they’ll get their children into the local school judged best, to Colin, a lonely, lost soul who…

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You’ll never believe what’s drawing Millennials to church…

iB2 News

Young people fill the pews at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., pastored by Mark Dever. Young people fill the pews at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., pastored by Mark Dever.

COMMENTARY | Meredith Flynn

Mark_Dever_blogA 16-page church bulletin leaves little to the imagination. At Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., worship attenders know exactly what they’re getting into from the time they walk into the split-level, high-ceilinged sanctuary, less than a mile from the U.S. Capitol.

The order of service, printed neatly on the inside cover page, lists every hymn, prayer, and Scripture reading. Every song is there in entirety – not just lyrics, but actual music.

Even the Nicene Creed gets its own page, with three paragraphs of explanation about where it came from and why we recite it. (“I said this in church for 28 years,” said one visitor, “and nobody ever explained it to me.”)

Your first impression is that this church is good at welcoming new people. They…

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Introducing 20s30s CrossBrew!

20s/30s CrossBrew: Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Paths
First Gathering this Thursday, September 5, 7:00pm
Allison English of All Saints’ is teaming up with her husband, Robert, of First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica so the two churches’ 20s/30s groups can get together. We will meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. There will be socializing and discussion over beer (hence CrossBrew) and our overarching topic for the fall is: Learning to approach and interpret scripture, and explore how scripture has authority in our lives. For location and further information, email us



September 5 we’ll be talking about Anglican/Episcopalian and Methodist approaches to issues of faith.
Are you in your 20s or 30s? We hope you’ll join us.

September 19 we’ll be sharing meaning from our various faith backgrounds – what meaning do we draw from our traditions?
Are you in your 20s or 30s? We hope you’ll join us.

October 3 Mysticism: what are mystical approaches to scripture Exploring writings of various mystics

October 17 Lectio Divina: the practice of traditional mystical engagement with scripture

November 7 Artistic approaches to interpreting scripture Exploring scriptural interpretations through various artistic media

November 21 Shared photo experiment (during the month have a theme for each week and have some scripture verses attached to each theme, invite everyone to find, interpreting the scripture through their images. At the meeting bring everyone together add the pictures and make a photo collage)

December 5 Comparative scripture study on birth narratives

December 19 Film clips which capture Advent themes; peace, hope, love, joy

Reza and G-Dog

Thursday Night at All Saints Reza Aslan author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth will be interviewed by actor Rainn Wilson.  It is part of LiveTalksLA.  It is pretty cool to have a mish mash of thinkers come together at All Saints for a talk, so I hope you can join us.

If you want to get together beforehand, some 20s30s will be having dinner at Panini Cafe at 6:30 to catch up and discuss what we know about Resa already.

Then one Sunday at 5PM there is a screening of G-Dog.  A documentary about Father Greg Boyle, the priest who founded homeboy industries.  It is part of the Awareness Film Festival being held across the westside.  Homeboy Industries does profound work for ex gang members.  They also bake bread which they used to sell on the patio on Sundays.  But now they don’t.  So we have to go down to the cafe to get our fix.  If you ever want to go down, I (josh) will get your back. Because that food is delicious!

Summer BBQ and Eat Like a Saint!





More activities for 20s30s and opportunities to get involved with more than just themselves at church and the greater community


EAT LIKE A SAINT – July 10th, 17th, & 24th  @ 7PM

Join us for an evening of Food and learning about Food.

The dinner series will feature special guests, documentaries, and discussion.  As well as delicious food.

Registration is Required.




SUMMER BACKYARD BBQ  – July 13 2-6pm

On July 13 join us for a backyard BBQ!  There will be food and drinks and friends and fun.  All the summer time hits!

Other general announcements/upcoming activities:

GIVE BLOOD  Sunday July 14 8am-2pm

No, we’re not amping up our stewardship campaign.  The Red Cross will be on the church campus and they will be set up to receive your blood donation.  It is definitely a good cause. So stop in to Lower Sweetland Hall before or after a service and give some blood.  (You can still get a donut/coffee.)


Joins us to watch a ted talk and then discuss the issue from our own perspectives.

ICE CREAM 2 ICE CREAM  Sunday July 21  4pm


Ride your bike from one ice cream hot spot to the next.


We Welcome the New Priest!

Rev Allison joined the staff at All Saints starting in July.  And we rolled out the red carpet to give her a big All Saints Welcome!

DSC_0139 (1)DSC_0141


Just kidding.  These photos were taken a few years back at the Bishop’s Ball an event for all the teens in the diocese.

Allison has been a priest at St Wilfred’s in Huntington Beach, but has been no stranger to All Saints.  Meet her on the patio after church on a Sunday or at the 20s30s Summer BBQ.