Pastry Walk fun!

Last month the book group Noodles and New Urbanism put on a “Pastry Walk”  a walking tour of local bakeries.  About 25 people came out.

We all had a good time at the Pastry Walk!  Check out photos from the event!

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All Saints Weekend!

What is All Saints Weekend?

The church develops some community building by coordinating dinner parties all over the city.  Get to know parishoners in your neighbhorhood by signing up to attend one of these dinners.

OR you can go to the designated 20s30s dinner:

Saturday, November 3rd: 6:00-9:00 pm
West Adams

Fun, interactive dinner
(kid friendly)

Sign up on the patio on Sunday or register online


What is the Pastry Walk?

We are joining a walking tour of local bakeries! Put on by a neighborhood advocacy group: noodles & new urbanism. We’ll be exploring the neighborhood of miracle mile while enjoying delicious local pastries.

Saturday at 10am starting at Fonuts on 3rd street


Book Group

We had a great book group last night! Wrapping up 12 Steps of Compassion. Have a suggestion for our next book to read together?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Service Projects:

Neighborhood Youth Association has locations all over the city.  They work hands on with their tutors, giving them the tools and techniques to teach youth, as well as suiting volunteers with their strengths.

If you’d like more info contact Josh Paget or Debbie Gauer

Monday Meal

Join us on Mondays if you can to come serve the homeless in the neighborhood of all saints.

A lot of us “20s30s” have flexible schedules and have found this a fun comfortable way to serve and grow together.

If you can’t make it on Mondays here’s a list of other ways you can help with the Monday Meal.



Upcoming Smaller Activities

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Brunch on Sunday. And a special thanks to Joseph Becci for the wonderful lasagnas.

Here’s some more information about all the announcements we made about activities going on this month for 20s30s.

20s30s Hamburger Happy Hour and Traditional/Alternative Service Mixer

Wednesday Oct 17 5:30-9

We’re gathering at Rascal on La Brea for their Hamburger Happy Hour.  They have $5 drinks and even their famous signature Rascal Burger is only $5 from 5-7 and it is arguably the best burger in LA.

I’ll probably get there around 5:30 and we’ll hang out and welcome people coming in and out til 9pm.  But the happy hour only goes to 7 so get your order in before then for the half price specials!

Contact Josh or Laynie for more info.

Gay and Lesbian Center BBQ at the Rectory

Sunday Oct 21 4-7pm

Rachel says “Please consider coming to our bbq this Sunday. It should be fun!  Our guest, Bill McDermott, is a lot of fun, and has some really great ideas about how we can partner with the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. It’s time we do more than go to brunch together!

Joe and Steve, our gracious chefs for the evening, need to plan how much food/wine to get, etc., so please sign up ASAP. Also, please let me know if you’re interested in helping to set up/tear down.

You can register at The cost is $10.

The BBQ is Sunday, October 21 at 4:00pm. All are welcome!!! The event will be held at the church rectory located at 504 N. Camden Drive (one house north of All Saint’s church on Camden Blvd in Beverly Hills). INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!”

I can only agree.  It is wonderful food and the speaker is incredibly engaging.

Field Trip to Neighborhood Youth Association.

Tuesday Oct 23 3:00-5:00

We were all so compelled by Amanda’s presentation about the Neighborhood Youth Association that we decided to go down and check it out for ourselves!  Join us for a field trip and tour of the program in action!

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with this organization throughout the city. Just the tour is specifically during their afterschool program.

Pastry Walk

Saturday Oct 27th 10am-1pm

A walking tour of local bakeries.  We are joining a group for a fun time together sampling pastries from various bakeries in the miracle mile neighborhood.  Come for a fun time of walking and munching.


Book Group

Tuesday October 30 7:30pm

We’re wrapping up the year of compassion.  Join us for discussion on Karen Armstrong’s 12 steps to compassion.

Contact Angela or Jocelyn for more information

20s30s All Saints Weekend Dinner

Saturday Nov 3rd 6-9pm

During All Saints Weekend members are encouraged to get out and meet one another through small get dinner or social hours through the city.  All the cool kids, including you, are going to the home of Brian and Karen Ide.   There will be a fun hands on interactive dinner making and a fire pit.

Come to meet new 20s30s people and discuss which books we want to read in our bookgroups.

Sign up for this fun event on the patio after church!

We’ll see you next Sunday on the patio!

Brunch Announcements!

The infamous 20s30s brunch returns THIS SUNDAY!

Sunday Oct 14th, 12-2

Join us for a fun time and fantastic food in the upper parish hall following the 11:15 service.

We’ll be having some fabulous lasagna and hearing from our guest speaker the director of the Neighborhood Youth Association in Venice, an awe-inspiring afterschool program.

Cost is $10

If you’re a traditional service attender you can join us before brunch for pumpkin spice chai and snacks (and help set up!)

Hamburger Happy Hour and Traditional/Alternative Service Mixer

Wednesday Oct 17th 6-9

We’re breaking out from the church brunch cycle and hitting up one of the best new burger places in town: Rascal.

They have a burger happy hour.  Their signature burger is only $5 from 5-7 so drop in and grab a burger (or chicken or fish sandwich) and a drink and get to know some people who go to “that other service.”

Gay and Lesbian BBQ at the rectory

Sunday Oct 21 4-7 PM

Joe Becci will be cooking up some of his famous BBQ ribs.

From Rachel: I hope you all will consider coming to the bbq on the 21st. Yes, it’s technically a Gay and Lesbian Ministry event, but you don’t have to be gay to go! We will be talking about doing some volunteer work at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center and we’d love to have you all involved in that. I think we will end up doing work with the homeless youth there – and many of those kids are homeless because their parents kicked them out for being gay (reading between the lines here: for religious reasons). I think it’s important for church groups like ours to let them know they are okay and loved by God. It’s equally important that straight people tell them that – so we’d love your involvement

.Michael Chiarello's Babyback Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce

All Saints Weekend 20s30s Dinner

Saturday Nov 3 6pm

Are you hearing all the buzz about All Saints weekend but don’t know what it is all about or where you’re supposed to go?

Well come with us!  To Brian and Karen Ide’s house.  That’s where all the cool kids will be.  And by cool kids, I mean you!

Book Groups

The 12 Steps to Compassion Book Group is wrapping up the final few chapters by the end of the year.

But the group is still open to anyone who would like to join!

It meets the last Tuesday of every month.

Contact Angela Williams Gephardt for more info

Because of the success of the Compassion book group, we’re starting another book group so people in different parts of town and/or different schedules can join a group.  Let us know what books you’re interested in!

Service Opportunities

We’ll be visiting the Neighborhood Youth Association in the next few weeks.  Sign up to join the tour of their program and find out how to get more involved.

Monday Meal at All Saints is a great way to get involved with the church and the local community.

Gay and Lesbian Center -the Gay and Lesbian ministry invites us to join them in serving at the Gay and Lesbian center.  If you’d like to find out more about this opportunity join us for a bbq at the rectory on Oct 21.  Or talk to Rachel Brookhart.

Pastry Walk

We’re joining the Pastry Walk at the end of the month.  A walking tour of local bakeries.

Find out more.

I hope you can join us and make more and better friends.